Friday Freedom #5: Weeks 38-40

Goal: met.


Friday Freedom #3: Week 36

We had a much better week this week. We are getting so close to our goal! This week saw more toys and clothes thrown out, along with an old mirror that we had in the basement. Funny how you can find even more things to sell once you are able to actually find them in … Continue reading Friday Freedom #3: Week 36

Here’s why your flaws are really awesome!


First, we live in the ‘flawless‘ age. Everything ‘flawless‘ trends on and offline and pop culture heavily celebrates it. If you say something or someone is flawless, it means they’re perfect, without mistake or any blemish. But doesn’t it sound too exaggerated? Because let’s face it… No one is really perfect! It’s part of human nature.

Even though we love to receive (and blush) over those…”ohyoulooksoflawless” type of compliments, and also give them to others, itisreallyaboutcomingtotermswithyourselfandacceptingthosethingsthatmakeyouunique.

Angelina Jollie; why your flaws are really awesome.
I once read a story about AngelinaJolie, where she spoke about feeling insecure about her thick lips at a certain time, (which isn’t common with Caucasians) and wasn’t a thing in pop culture then. Today, It is being celebrated as one of her unique body…

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